We’re Growing!

When I started this web site back in January, 2010 I had no idea of how popular it could be. While it is not going to challenge Google or Facebook any time soon I’m quite happy with its’ growth. Take a look at the past 3 January stats:

Jan 2010 Stats
37 unique visitors
65 visits – 2 a day
8,360 hits

Jan 2011 Stats
399 unique visitors
641 visits – 21 a day
9,604 hits

Jan 2012 Stats
1283 unique visitors (even with 4 ‘down’ days!) 
2032 visits – 66 visits a day
25,986 hits in Jan.
Average visitors looks at 3 pages

What does this mean? It means if you have a farmers or flea market you should be sending me regular updates including schedules, photos and videos of your market because people want to know. Remember, there is no charge for being listed at http://bcfleamarkets.com.

Happy Marketing! – Michael Van Ert