How to Provide Poor Customer Service

I bought a book on today, I’ve bought over 65 books from Kobo. Today’s book was defective, I could not read it. I went online with their live customer support and explained my problem. They verified the book was “blank” and asked me if I’d take a store credit. I said yes and asked how I can access the credit. They said I had to wait at least two business days before the credit would be available. I told them this was not acceptable, they had my money today and I’d like a book today. They said they were tier one support and this would have to go to tier two but not for two business days which, because today is Friday, means I’m four days at least without the book I wanted to read. They said they were sorry but that’s how it is and they can’t do a thing. I told them this was very bad customer service and I would be letting everyone know how disappointed I am and that I will not recommend them or buy from them again unless they did something extraordinary to win me back. I’ve posted this on Twitter and on my FB page Mike L Anthony. Bad customer service, very bad.