10 easy tips

To help you have a successful flea market booth. These are the very basics to get you off to a profitable start!

1. Keep your start-up costs down by finding fixtures at low prices. Check your local yard sales for tables and shelf units.

2. Most people start out with small-size booths. Stock your booth with lots of small items, not 2 or 3 large ones. People buy things they can pick up easily.

3. Books are always good sellers at flea market booths.

4. Go to auctions. Watch for box lots with small stuff in them. If you can buy box lots for less than $5 you should always make money on them in your booth.

5. Always have a sale in your booth. If you want to sell something for $3, mark it at $6, and have a 50% sale going on all the time. People will buy things faster when they’re on sale even with the higher price.

6. Keep your booth “decorating” to a minimum. You want potential buyers in your booth to look at what you are selling, not your creative skills. Too much flash hides your inventory.

7. Arrange your booth for sales. Boxes of items for sale (box lots) go under your table, not on it. Get stuff out where people can see it. You can always restock your booth in order to keep the clutter to a minimum.

8. Present your items for sale in a good manner. Make sure they’re clean! Candleholders might look better with candles in them. When you straighten your booth, face your inventory OUT towards the potential buyer.

9. Mark your items clearly with self-stick labels or tie-on tags. Print a short description along with the price. While your cursive handwriting might be truly lovely, someone may be unable to read it, and you could lose a sale. Position prices so they can be seen, don’t hide them. People won’t buy from your booth if they have to pick up every single item to find the price.

10. Clean house! You can find a lot of “free” inventory already in your own home. Price it to move and start making some extra cash!