Collect Customer Names And E-Mail Addresses

The power of Internet marketing is the ability it gives a vendor to reach out to fans and customers. Put an e-mail sign-up sheet on a clipboard at your booth. Ask for e-mail addresses when customers make purchases. Hold a contest or drawing with entry forms that ask for an e-mail address.
Vendors can also encourage customers to get in touch via e-mail. Put your e-mail address on receipts, business cards, product labels or stickers, and so on. Save the e-mail addresses of customers who write to you.

Put Yourself Out There

There are other ways to push your message at little or no cost. Many flea market managers offer Web pages or listings to vendors as a free service on a vendor page on the market Web site, such as right here at, The Vancouver Flea Market and the Vancouver Farmers Market. There are also free and inexpensive ways to put up your own Web page or site.

If you’d like more information on setting up your own Word Press web site let me know as I am putting together an illustrated eBook that will guide you through the whole process. The price is just $15 and it will be available on August 15th. Send me a message,

What to do with angry customers:

There are times when you will get angry with a customer, it happens. Giving their anger back at them will only make the situation worse. Instead, try to find out the reason they’re angry (if it is not apparent) by re-stating their complaint this way, “I understand you are angry, just so that I understand why I’d like to re-state what you just told me, it that okay?” and then do it. This does two things, it slows down the anger process and it helps make clear that you understand their anger. Now ask them how they would like you to solve the problem. If you can solve the problem, do so, if you can’t, refund their money with a smile and invite them back next time they’re at the market.