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Presentation is key

How you arrange your wares can be the determining factor in whether a customer stops to see your products or moves on to a competitor’s table. Select your most colourful and unique merchandise, or your best sellers, and place those items at the front of the booth at eye level. Having something edible, even if it’s a dish of peppermints or a pot of coffee, can also entice customers to linger.

PayPal Here Almost ‘Here’

Have you heard about this? This gives sellers the ability to accept payments through their smart phone. This is going to be huge. To find out more, visit PayPal’s web site today. I’ve signed up to be notified when it’s ready to go here in Canada and recommend you do too.

What to do with angry customers:

There are times when you will get angry with a customer, it happens. Giving their anger back at them will only make the situation worse. Instead, try to find out the reason they’re angry (if it is not apparent) by re-stating their complaint this way, “I understand you are angry, just so that I understand why I’d like to re-state what you just told me, it that okay?” and then do it. This does two things, it slows down the anger process and it helps make clear that you understand their anger. Now ask them how they would like you to solve the problem. If you can solve the problem, do so, if you can’t, refund their money with a smile and invite them back next time they’re at the market.

What to Bring

Comfortable shoes and several layers of clothing are a must. You’ll be walking for a long time and will need the support for your feet. Carry a windbreaker you can easily take off, as well as a tee shirt and sweatshirt to help you adjust to changing weather. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the sun.

In addition, a pull cart or recyclable shopping bag will save you from trekking back to the car with your purchases. Don’t forget to measure various areas of your house to make sure any furniture you buy will fit. Most of all bring plenty of cash (with lots of smaller bills), as most vendors won’t accept checks or credit cards.