Monthly Archives: February 2012

Tips for the New Market Season

Arrive early The best stuff goes quickly so the earlier you can get there the better chance you’ll have at getting what you are looking for at the right price.It really is true about the early bird.

Bring cash! Most dealers don’t take credit cards. Don’t bring big bills, especially $50’s. They are too easily counterfeited, the new plastic 100’s are much safer.
Remain calm –  Buying at flea markets requires focus, and it can be difficult to concentrate in the whirlwind of people and stuff.  Take your time and look closely, sometimes the best stuff is hiding.

Be friendly –  A lot of people that sell at flea markets do it for fun, and their things are often from personal collections.  Take the time to chat and try to be respectful of their things, and considerate when bargaining.

A big part of the joy in buying things at flea markets is the experience in acquiring them.

A the best tip of all? Have fun!